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Leading the pack

CORK, Aug 1, 2014 – Figures just released by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) show that Ford was the leading brand in the combined 142 July car and van market with 2,728 registrations, ahead of VW and Toyota (2,710 and 2,081 respectively).

The figures show that the car market is up 61 percent on the July 2013 total: 11,620 vehicles registered versus 18,776 this year.

Ford had two entries in the top 5 selling car models for the month with Fiesta (657 units) and Focus (789 units).

“This is the highest car sales figure for the month of July in any past year in Ireland so it is clear that the ‘July plate’ is starting to establish itself in the mind of the ordinary motorist,” said Eddie Murphy, Chairman and Managing Director of Ford Ireland. “The July 142 plate has exceeded expectations in providing an important boost to the motor industry in Ireland and we welcome that”.

“The fact that the car market is up some 61 percent is a good indication that consumers have more confidence in the economy and I am even more heartened to see light van sales up a whopping 95 percent. Small businesses rely on these vehicles to get the job done and those small businesses are a crucial part of the economy so if they are back out there investing in their infrastructure it can only be a good sign for the overall economic outlook”

Ford was the number one brand in the van market which saw a significant increase of 95 percent over July 2013. In all, there were 2,544 light van units registered, up from 1,310 for the same period last year. With 668 vans registered, Ford took pole position in the van market ahead of VW with 433 registrations. The July market returned the highest monthly van sales figure for Ford since March 2008. The Ford Transit was again Ireland’s top selling van nameplate with 377 units registered during the month.

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